Charlene Dezzutti, PhD


R-znvy: efvpfq@zjev.zntrr.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-196-8917

Personal Statement

Sexual transmission of HIV is the primary route of viral spread. Yet despite almost 30 years into the HIV epidemic, the mechanism of HIV transmission remains poorly understood. The work done in my laboratory focuses on understanding: The mechanism(s) of transmission. We have developed cervical and colorectal tissue explant systems to study HIV transmission ex vivo. Using these systems we are attempting to determine the first HIV infected cells. The factors that influence transmission. We have an active program studying the interaction(s) between sexually transmitted infections and HIV in acute in vitro model systems as well as our tissue explant systems. Our interest also includes the influence hormones such as estrogen and testosterone have on HIV-1 infection. The ways to prevent transmission of HIV. For prevention of sexually acquired HIV, we are evaluating microbicides that may be utilized in human clinical trials. We are examining innate immune factors found in genital secretions that could be augmented or exploited for microbicide development.

Charlene  Dezzutti