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Meet Public Health Genetics Alum Samantha Pettersen

"Currently, I'm working with Haley Director (HUGEN '22, '26) to educate people about public health genetics through social media. You can find us at on Instagram and TikTok!"   

Meet Public Health Genetics Student Lauren Spor

"This summer, I'm very excited to perform genetic epidemiology research regarding a form of skin cancer, and I'm also interested in disability advocacy work."   

Meet Public Health Genetics Alum Haley Director

"To me, public health genetics is the intersection of genomics research and population health. I've benefited from public health genetics through the carrier screening program for Ashkenazi Jews, so I know firsthand the impact and importance of public health genetics."   

Meet Public Health Genetics Student Kit Church

"I am currently completing my practicum with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in Pittsburgh, where I am involved with many different facets of the organization. I also work as a research coordinator with the TBRS Community, a nonprofit organization supporting inviduals with the rare disorder Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome."  

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