HPM doctoral student receives FaceTime call from President Obama


“It was honestly an utter surprise, but at least I was dressed professionally because I had recorded my three-minute thesis submission that day!” – Amy Raslevich

HPM doctoral student Amy Raslevich had a live FaceTime call with former president Barack Obama on March 23. To mark the 12th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the health care advocacy group Protect Our Care, with whom Raslevich is affiliated, organized surprise FaceTime Calls between President Obama and three people who benefitted from and advocated for the coverage protections the act provides. Raslevich is a breast cancer survivor who has advocated to protect and expand the ACA since receiving life-saving coverage.

"It's just enriched our lives so much, and taken that burden, and allowed us to focus on our health and each other rather than...the stack of bills that come," Raslevich says.

Raselvich has met with many elected officials, including President Biden during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania last year. As of 2021, approximately 31 million individuals have benefitted from ACA-related enrollment. A five-minute video montage of the calls, including Raslevich's, can be viewed here.


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