Why Invest in Pitt Public Health?

Pitt Public Health is only as strong as the people who support it. Your gift helps establish a culture of philanthropy that is vital to the continued success and sustainability of the school.

Every gift can have a powerful effect on the school, the faculty, and the students—no matter the size or how you direct it. And we have many worthwhile programs and projects that you can support. Your gift enables us to attract the best and brightest students and then directly benefits students in the form of scholarships and fellowships. Your gift helps us retain and recruit the most qualified scholars and professors, while elevating our reputation.

Through the support of corporations, foundations, alumni, and private donors, private funding helps the school maintain and enhance its status as one of the country’s top schools of public health. Your gift helps to support a longstanding tradition of translating important research findings into groundbreaking public health advances.

Your support also helps attract the best and brightest students and top-tier faculty, ensuring that the next generation of public health leaders has the educators and resources they need to flourish in the field.

Alumni giving is paying it forward

If you’re a graduate of Pitt Public Health, you know the value of your education. Help the school maintain and enhance its reputation as one of the top graduate schools of public health by ensuring that the next generation of public health leaders have the resources they need to flourish.

What your gift can do

Whether you choose to support the Dean's annual priorities, the building campaign by underwriting new facilities, or contribute to an endowed chair or scholarship fund, your donation can be directed to the area of your choice. Your gift could be used to...

  • Provide scholarships and awards for students
  • Fund research excellence
  • Community outreach
  • Protect the environment
  • Determine health policy
  • Underwrite state-of-the art laboratory or classroom spaces
  • Advance progress on HIV/AIDS
  • Develop computer modeling for disease prevention
  • Contribute to women's health
  • Wherever it’s needed most

Together, not only can we ensure the future health of the school, we can also positively affect the entire field of public health. Please consider a gift to Pitt Public Health today.

make an impact

Classroom students

As the reputation of Pitt Public Health increases, so too does the professional and personal value of your Pitt Public Health degree, and your generosity encourages new giving from others.


or call to speak to a member of the Pitt Public Health development team:

Sloane M. Astorino
Director of Development

David F. Tye
Associate Major Gifts Officer