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Pitt to lead trauma network through $90 million federal defense contract

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Pitt Public Health's Epidemiology Data Center to  coordinate data collection and analysis for a new U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contract to Pitt for up to $90M in research to improve trauma care for both civilians and the military alike... 

Increased Total, CVD Mortality in Young Adults With T1DM

HealthDay News via DoctorsLounge: … Rachel G. Miller, from the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues studied 502 adults <45 years old with childhood-onset T1DM from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study during the 1996 to 2012 follow-up. …  

Healthy Lifestyle in Old Age Shortens End-of-Life Disability

MEDICAL XPRESS - Leading a healthy lifestyle not only extends one’s lifespan, but it also shortens the time that is spent disabled—a finding that had previously eluded public health scientists and demonstrates the value of investing in healthy lifestyle promotion, even among the elderly.  "This clearly demonstrates the great value of investing in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to maintain healthy behaviors into old a... 

Study: Early menopause symptoms linked to heart risks

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Hot flashes and similar symptoms that hit women during their transition into menopause may be more than an annoyance, new research from the University of Pittsburgh reports. When the symptoms begin when a woman is 42 or younger, they may warn of an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Published Wednesday in the journal Menopause, the observational study was led by Rebecca Thurston, a professor of ps... 

Healthy Lifestyle in Old Age Shortens End-of-Life Disability

Leading a healthy lifestyle not only extends one’s lifespan, but it also shortens the time that is spent disabled—a finding that had previously eluded public health scientists and demonstrates the value of investing in healthy lifestyle promotion, even among the elderly. 

University appoints Jane Cauley to rank of distinguished professor

UNIVERSITY TIMES - The University has honored Jane Cauley , Department of Epidemiology in the Graduate School of Public Health, appointing her as distinguished professor. The Distinguished Professor designation honors extraordinary internationally recognized scholarly attainment in an individual discipline or field. By nature of their appointment, distinguished professors are expected to make special contributions to the intellectual advancement... 

Pitt Researchers Analyze Patterns of Prescribed Opioid Misuse

Dr. Thomas Songer, assistant professor of epidemiology at the   University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health , discusses his research on the opioid epidemic. His goal is to find a pattern or common trait among those who start out needing prescribed opioids, but then eventually need hospitalization for misusing them. This research will help policymakers develop legislation to stop that pattern from occurring in the future.  YouTube... 

Lisa Bodnar appointed new vice-chair for research

Congratulations to  Lisa Bodnar , an associate professor of epidemiology, with tenure, on her appointment as vice-chair for research in the department of epidemiology.  

Experts Say The Presidential Candidates Will Probably Live A Long Time Because They’re Rich And Well Educated

BUZZFEED - With less than two months to go in the presidential campaign, the conversation around the candidates’ health — and the public’s right to know and speculate on it — is at the forefront.... At 70, Donald Trump would be the oldest elected US president; Hillary Clinton, 68, would be the second oldest. But their age alone isn’t exactly a red flag. The current life expectancy for men and women aged 70 in the US is 84.4 and 86.6 respectively... 

Andrews studies diabetes in Rwanda during global health field internship

Epidemiology master's student Haylee Andrews traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, over the summer to intern with Life for a Child (LFAC) under Professor Trevor Orchard.   

Hemant Mahajan assesses Hepatitis C burden

As a participant in the Allegheny County Health Department’s Pittsburgh Summer Institute (ACHD PSI), epidemiology student Hemant Mahajan assessed the burden of Hepatitis C in Allegheny County and the increased detection of acute hepatitis C cases and associated major risk factors.  

Pitt Public Health Nutritional Epidemiologist Selected to Serve on Federal Panel Shaping Pregnancy Diet and Health Guidelines

For the first time, federal dietary and health guidelines for Americans are being updated to include comprehensive advice for pregnant women. 

Newman Named as GSA’s Next Medical Sciences Journal Editor

The GSA has named Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH, as the next medical sciences editor-in-chief of The Journal of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 

Edward Gregg, PhD (EPI ’96), awarded ADA 2016 Kelly West Award

For his extensive dedication to the field of diabetes epidemiology,  Edward Gregg,  PhD  (EPI ’96) , was recognized by the American Diabetes Association as their 2016 Kelly West Award recipient. Given in memory of Kelly West, widely regarded as the “father of diabetes epidemiology,” this award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the field. Gregg is currently Chief of the Epidemiology and Statistics Branch in the Div... 

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