2016 Featured Symposium Poster Presentations

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Evaluation of Perceived Stigma by Youth with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in the Life for a Child (LFAC) Program in Rwanda

Presenter: Haylee Andrews
Faculty Advisor: Akira Sekikawa, MD, MPH, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Trevor Orchard, MBBCh, MMedSci, FAHA, FACE
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Depressive Symptoms May Not Similarly Reflect Body Mass Index of Blacks and Whites

Presenter: Julia Carter
Faculty Advisor: Brenda Diergaarde, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Shervin Assari, MD, MPH
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Comparison of The Degree of Concordance between Two systems of Dengue Reporting in Thailand

Presenter: Pantila Taweewigyakarn
Faculty Advisor: Evelyn Talbott, DrPH, MPH
Internship Preceptor: Yongjua Laosiritaworn, PhD
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Behavioral Lifestyle Intervention in Overweight Colon and Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

Presenter: Eric Swetts
Faculty Advisor: Dara Mendez, PhD, MPH
Internship Preceptor: Yvonne Eaglehouse, PhD, MPH
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Quality Control Activities for Visit 2 Data of Long Life Family Study

Presenter: Yuqing Chen
Faculty Advisor: Nancy W. Glynn, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Sharon Welburn, MPH
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Interaction between Race and Smoking Type with Nicotine Dependence

Presenter: Jessica Cheng
Faculty Advisor: Wendy King, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Saul Shiffman, PhD  
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Experiences Implementing Community-Based Research through the Mobility and Vitality Lifestyle Program (MoveUp):  The Accelerometry Ancillary Study

Presenter: Kristin Selker
Faculty Advisor: Brenda Diergaarde, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Elizabeth A. Rodgers, MPH & Nancy W. Glynn, PhD
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Emerging Waves of Carbapenem Resistance among Gram-negative Pathogens at a Tertiary Center

Presenter: Julie Paronish
Faculty Advisor: Nancy W. Glynn, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Ryan Shields, PharmD, MS
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Institutional Factors Associated with Cesarean Section Rates in Hospitals of Mexico

Presenter: Gabriel Conzuelo-Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Bodnar, PhD, MPH, RD
Internship Preceptor: Aurelio Cruz Valdez, DrSciPH
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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Management Strategies

Presenter: Haidong Feng
Faculty Advisor: Emma Barinas-Mitchell, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Hawre Jalal, MD, MSc, PhD
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Provider Perceptions of Rounding Checklists in UPMC Intensive Care Units

Presenter: Bethany Hallam
Faculty Advisor: Nancy W. Glynn, PhD
Internship Preceptor: Courtney Kuza, MPH 
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