Baumann and Burke launch project using film in community health


A team at Pitt Public Health that is pioneering the use of film in community health research and practice recently received funding to launch a new project with deep emotional implications. Drs. Jessica and Sara Baumann will be working with the Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition and clinicians from Pitt's School of Medicine on teh "End-of-Life and Grief Experiences Among Families: Harnessing the Power of Participatory and Visual Research" project. The will use Collaborative Filmmaking with parents to develop a nuanced understanding of grief and coping experiences after the loss of a child, a largely hidden issue. 

The intent of the project is to bring attention, advocacy, and healing. The project will also assess the use of Collaborative Filmmaking as a form of art therapy. The two-year project launches July 1 with funding from the McElhattan Foundation, a Pittsburgh-based grantmaking foundation that has end-of-life planning and care part of its mission. 

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