Gary-Webb testifies at PA Democratic Health Committee on Black COVID-19 Equity Coalition


EPI's Tiffany Gary-Webb presented testimony on COVID-19 disparities and our equity response at the July 15 House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on COVID-19 Health Disparities. The hearing was livestreamed on During the hearing, a number of public health experts were each given 5-7 minutes to testify as part of one of two panels, and then members asked questions of each panel.  

Representative Stephen Kinsey said he was “blown away” by Gary-Webb's presentation and the work of the Black COVID-19 Equity Coalition and plans to follow-up to discuss the coalition and connect with the Philadelphia group. He also mentioned trying to get resources for the coalition, due to the fact that the group is more organized than other groups in the state and we can serve as a model for others. The other presenters are listed below. 


Panel One:

  • Debra Bogen, MD

Director, Allegheny County Health Department

  • Hannah Hardy, MPA

Director, Allegheny County’s Chronic Diseases and Injury Prevention Program

  • Jessica Ruffin, MBA

Senior Leader of Equity and Inclusion, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

      2:30 p.m.      Questions & Answers


Panel Two:

  • Tyra Bryant-Stephens, MD

Medical Director of the Community Asthma Prevention Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a Member of the Philadelphia Board of Health

  • Tiffany Gary-Webb, MHS, PhD

Associate Professor in the Departments of Epidemiology and Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health

  • Meagan Hume, MDP

Health Coordinator, HIAS Pennsylvania

Corey Coleman, MBA

Vice President of Community & Strategic Partnerships, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania

      3:30 p.m.      Questions & Answers


      3:50 p.m.      Closing Remarks    



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