Garland on gun violence at Prevention 2019


BCHS' Richard Garland was among the presenters at the American College of Preventive Medicine's Prevention 2019 meeting held in Pittsburgh in May. Garland was on a panel called Lessons about Gun Violence from the National Violent Death Reporting System. 

The panel was moderated by Kate Lichtenberg, medical director at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and also featured Catherine Barber, director, Means Matter, Harvard Chan School of Public Health, and Mark Levine, Commissioner of Health, Vermont Department of Health. 

Is gun violence a disease that the preventative medicine system physician can address? The session explored the role we can play in gun violence prevention at the individual and community level. They examined how the conclusions and implications for prevention from a study in Utah using the National VIolent Death Reporting System, along with hospital and public safety information about firearm injury and suicide, can be applied in other areas. They then discussed how public health can intervene at the policy level by reviewing the events that drove firearm safety policy in Vermont in 2018. 


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