Pitt Public Health wins at the Health Disparities Poster Competition


Congratulations to Jessica Thompson (BCHS '21) and Stephanie Lynn Corey (EPI '19) for winning awards at this year's Health Disparities Poster Competition! 

Thompson was the doctoral student winner, presenting on her poster “Community-level Environmental and Social Determinants of Health: Food Deserts and Heart Failure Incidence in SWP” and Corey won the master's student prize on “Evaluating Differences in Human Papillomavirus and Related Cancer Prevention Measures Among the Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Community and Heterosexual and Cisgender Individuals”

Pictured here (from L to R) with Paula Davis, assistant vice chancellor for health sciences diversity, the first professional degree winner and the post doc winner, Thompson, Corey, and Mario Browne (BCHS '05) director of health sciences diversity. 

The annual Health Disparities Poster Competition features work in disparities based upon race or ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, and other parameters from master's, doctoral, postdoctoral, and first professional students across Pitt. The event is organized by the Office of Health Sciences Diversity. 

This year's competition was held on Thursday, March 28 in the Starzl Biomedical Sciences Tower. 



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