Epidemiology epiBRAIN Journal Club

epiBrain Journal Club

Tuesday 3/14 9:00AM - 10:00AM
5140 Public Health, Burke Seminar Room

Contact: Dr. Caterina Rosano, Facilitator
Email: rosanoc@edc.pitt.edu


Contact: Anna Sangl, Administrative Assistant
Email: sangla@edc.pitt.edu

The Epidemiology of Brain Resilience in Aging (e-BRAIN) program and the Claude D. Pepper Center at the University of Pittsburgh sponsor the epiBRAIN Journal club, a multidisciplinary Journal Club to explore the application of neuroimaging methods in the context of aging and population studies, with a specific focus on advances in MRI and their neuroanatomical correlates in the aging brain. The Journal Club draws on expertise in Epidemiology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Rehabilitation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering Geriatric Medicine and Neuroscience.  

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