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EOH Journal Club Seminar - Fall 2018

Thursday 9/20 11:00AM - 12:00PM
4140 Public Health, Young Seminar Room
EOH Journal Club Seminar - Fall 2018

Date: Thursday September 20, 2018

Time: 11am - 12pm

Presenter: Meghan Matlack

Paper: A Systems Vaccinology Approach Reveals Temporal Transcriptomic Changes of Immune Responses to the Yellow Fever 17D Vaccine.

Jue Hou, Shuhui Wang, Manxue Jia, Dan Li, Ying Liu, Zhengpeng Li, Hong Zhu, Huifang Xu, Meiping Sun, Li Lu, Zhinan Zhou, Hong Peng, Qichen Zhang, Shihong Fu, Guodong Liang, Lena Yao, Xuesong Yu, Lindsay N. Carpp, Yunda Huang, Julie McElrath, Steve Self and Yiming Shao

Abstract: In this study, we used a systems vaccinology approach to identify temporal changes in immune response signatures to the yellow fever (YF)-17D vaccine, with the aim of comprehensively characterizing immune responses associated with protective immunity. We conducted a cohort study in which 21 healthy subjects in China were administered one dose of the YF-17D vaccine; PBMCs were collected at 0 h and then at 4 h and days 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 14, 28, 84, and 168 postvaccination, and analyzed by transcriptional profiling and immunological assays. At 4 h postvaccination, genes associated with innate cell differentiation and cytokine pathways were dramatically downregulated, whereas receptor genes were upregulated, compared with their baseline levels at 0 h. Immune response pathways were primarily upregulated on days 5 and 7, accompanied by the upregulation of the transcriptional factors JUP, STAT1, and EIF2AK2. We also observed robust activation of innate immunity within 2 d postvaccination and a durable adaptive response, as assessed by transcriptional profiling. Coexpression network analysis indicated that lysosome activity and lymphocyte proliferation were associated with dendritic cell (DC) and CD4+ T cell responses; FGL2, NFAM1, CCR1, and TNFSF13B were involved in these associations. Moreover, individuals who were baseline-seropositive for Abs against another flavivirus exhibited significantly impaired DC, NK cell, and T cell function in response to YF-17D vaccination. Overall, our findings indicate that YF-17D vaccination induces a prompt innate immune response and DC activation, a robust Ag-specific T cell response, and a persistent B cell/memory B cell response

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Created On Friday, September 14, 2018

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