Dean's Day Competition 2013

Congratulations to the winners and presenters of the 2013 Dean’s Day competition!

2013 Winners

Departmental Awards:

EOH Keleti Award for excellence in environmental health:
Travis Bui, PhD student

School Wide Awards:

Dean's Day third place, doctoral: tie between Shilpi Oberoi, EOH and Ana Progovac, HPM

2013 Presenters

Travis Bui EOH III-3
Impacts of Aflatoxin Regulations on the Global Trade of Food Commodities

Jessie Carr EOH V-10
Developing and validating an online GIS-based survey instrument to elicit perceived neighborhood information for public health research: A Pilot Study in New York City and Pittsburgh

Diana Garciafigueroa EOH III-4
Arsenic-stimulated adipose fat metabolism is mediated by G-protein coupled receptors

Sara Gillooly EOH III-5
Development and Validation of a Magnetic Method Using Deciduous Tree Leaves to Obtain Spatially-Resolved Air Pollution Measurements in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Samantha Malone EOH III-10
Public Health and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing

Shilpi Oberoi EOH V-9
The Global Burden of Disease caused by Arsenic in food

Dhvani Parikh EOH I-10
Roles for telomeric proteins in regulating nucleotide excision repair at chromosome ends

Hannah Pope-Varsalona EOH VI-5
Cellular Defense against Telomere Dysfunction Induced by Hexavalent Chromium

Shaina Stacy EOH IV-14
Do Current Aflatoxin Regulatory Standards Adequately Protect Global Health?

Alexander Ufelle EOH I-13
Differential Lung Osteopontin expression is associated with gender differences in the severity of Silica-induced Pulmonary fibrosis


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