Past Winners



Pitt Public Health’s 21st annual Dean’s Day Student Research Competition winners with Dean Burke.


Dean’s Day first place master’s: Beth Hoffman, BCHS
Dean’s Day second place, master’s: Kevin Stoner, HPM
Dean’s Day third place, master’s: Kevin Sullivan, EPI

Dean’s Day first place doctoral: Jessica Thompson, BCHS
Dean’s Day second place, doctoral: Sarah Minion, EPI
Dean’s Day third place, doctoral: Abisola Olaniyan, BCHS

Delta Omega Poster Award for the best poster, as judged by the Omicron chapter of Delta Omega (with the opportunity to compete nationally for a chance to present the poster at the APHA annual meeting): Teagen O'Malley, BCHS

Rosenkranz Award for the project judged to be the most significant contribution to the public health field: Brandy Hill, EOH

The Catherine Cartier-Ulrich Memorial Award for Service to the Underserved:
Emily Fitzpatrick, MPH student in EPI
Abisola Olaniyan, PhD student in BCHS

The Center for Public Health Practice Award for Translation and Application of Research to Public Health Policy and Practice:
Margaret Carr, MPH in EPI


BCHS Department Award, master’s category: Alexa Furek, MPH student
BCHS Department Award, doctoral category: Yuae Park, PhD student

BIOST Department Award, first place: Junyao Wang, PhD student
BIOST Department Award, second place: Jerry Zhang, PhD student

EOH Keleti Award for excellence in environmental health: Brandy Hill, PhD student

EPIDEM Department Award, master’s category: Margaret Carr, MPH student
EPIDEM Department Award, doctoral category: Jessica Graves, PhD student

HPM Department Award, master’s category: Krista Grobelny, MPH student
HPM Department Award, doctoral category: Mara Hollander, PhD student

HUGEN Department Award, MPH category: Jaqueline Cohen, MPH student
HUGEN Department Award, MS category: Zeynep Erdogen-Yildirim, MS student
HUGEN Department Award, PhD category: Teresa Capasso, PhD student

IDM Department Award, master's category: Lindsay Summers, MPH student
IDM Department Award, doctoral category: Roberta Reis, PhD student


Master’s Level: Stephanie Corey, EPI student
Doctoral Level: Jessica Thompson, BCHS student

2019 Dean’s Day poster abstracts and session assignments

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