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Tue 11/28 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Ultrasound for Primary Care

Wed 11/29 3:00PM - 3:05PM
Helping Babies Breathe Master Trainer Course

Fri 12/1 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Holiday Care Package Collection for PCMI students

Thu 1/18
Application Deadline: Graduate Nationality Room Scholarships

Applications for Nationality Room Scholarships are now open. For more information on scholarships and how to apply, please visit the University of Pittsburgh's Nationality Rooms website here. Graduate applications are due by January 18, 2018

Fri 3/16 8:00AM to Sun 3/18 4:00PM
9th Annual CUGH Conference: Health Disparities: A Time for Action

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Fri 11/17/17
Cultures of Healing in Practice and the Archive Center for Global Health Event
Cultures of Healing in Practice and the Archive
Fri 11/17 2:30PM - 4:30PM

This symposium, workshop, and performance asks, how do we define healing? With student presentations and a performance manifesto by Chicana playwright and author Virginia Grise, we will open conversation about the relationship between healing practices from indigenous cultures across the Americas including Inuit, Navajo, and curanderismo traditions.

Virginia Grise’s recently published book Your Healing is Killing Me directly confronts the gap between modern and indigenous healing as well as between access. Grise is a recipient of the Yale Drama Award, Whiting Writers’ Award, and the Princess Grace Award in Theatre Directing.

This event will take place in the Latin American Lecture Room in the Hillman Library. 

Wed 11/15/17
Volunteer Nicaragua Event Center for Global Health Event
Volunteer Nicaragua Event
Wed 11/15

Sun 11/12/17
Reflection in Global Health Essay Contest - Submission Due Date Center for Global Health Deadline
Reflection in Global Health Essay Contest - Submission Due Date
Sun 11/12 11:55PM - 11:55PM

Tue 10/31/17
Peace Corps Story Slam Center for Global Health Event
Peace Corps Story Slam
Tue 10/31 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Join us for the RPCV Story Slam in 4131 Posvar Hall! Hear stories about the challenging, rewarding, and inspirational moments from returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Ask questions about service through a mix and mingle after the event.

For questions about this event, contact Kaitlin Powers at

Fri 10/27/17
Humanitarian Exploits: Ordinary Displacement and the Political Economy of the Global Refugee Regime Center for Global Health Lecture
Humanitarian Exploits: Ordinary Displacement and the Political Economy of the Global Refugee Regime
Fri 10/27 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Dr. Georgina Ramsay will present this lecture in 3106 Posvar Hall.

Can the displacement of refugees continue to be understood as exceptional? The recent global increase in refugees has prompted calls to develop new solutions to displacement that focus on integrating refugees into the local economies of nations that receive them. Transforming refugees from economic burdens to economic benefits does not, however, resolve displacement: doing so only shifts the project of refugee protection from a supposedly humanitarian imperative to an economic incentive. Examining how political economy intersects with moral economy in the global refugee regime by drawing on fieldwork conducted with refugees in Uganda and Australia, Dr. Ramsay will describe efforts to incorporate refugees into local economies not only fail to resolve their displacement but serve to exacerbate it, with such “humanitarian exploits” transforming refugees from recipients of humanitarian aid to highly exploitable workers who are, in their words, unable to “make a life.” Not only is the displacement of refugees not exceptional: it is emblematic of an increasingly globalized experience of ordinary displacement through which citizenship and civic rights are stratified by reducing the value of human life to the potential to extract economic productivity.

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