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Immunization Clinic

Friday 9/13 10:00AM - 12:00PM

University Policy states that students must submit proof of certain immunizations or evidence of immunity to the Student Health Service. An immunization clinic is being offered for those who are unable to provide proof of the required immunizations, have not been immunized, or are unsure if you have been immunized. The clinic will be held at the Nordenberg Hall-Wellness Center. Students must pre-register here

Please be sure to bring your Pitt ID, insurance information and payment method. Most insurance policies should cover the cost of the vaccines. If your policy does not, estimated costs are:

  • $78/dose for MMR (two doses are required, at least one month apart)
  • $120/dose for Vericella (two doses are required, at least one month apart)

For questions regarding the immunization policy, contact the Student Health Service at 412-383-1800.

FAQ's: University of Pittsburgh Data and Immunization Record (PDF)

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