Student Organization Lecture

Grand Rounds Jamie Sokol of ACHD "Beyond the Broad Street Pump: Insights into the History of Public Health"

Thursday 1/12 4:30PM - 5:45PM
Public Health Lecture Hall (A115)

In 1854, John Snow famously removed the handle from a water pump in London, stopping a cholera outbreak dead in its tracks. But did you know that public health innovations can be traced back to ancient times, even back to the days of Hippocrates? Historical case studies in public health can teach us valuable lessons about where we’ve been, offer important perspective on the difficulties of change, and help us address the public health problems we face today. Join SPHERE for a look at key milestones in public health history – from famous people to famous epidemics – and a chance to win some great prizes!

Jamie A. Sokol, MPH (BCHS '07), Public Health Administrator, Workforce Development & Training, Allegheny County Health Department

Presented by SPHERE



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