Welcome from the Chair

A Note from Our Chair

Welcome to Pitt Biostat!

The Department of Biostatistics is one of the original departments of the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, which was founded in 1949. Our departmental mission is to (i) develop state-of-the art methods to tackle contemporary problems in health sciences, (ii) collaborate with investigators from various research areas in public health and medicine, and (iii) devote high-quality education to train our next generation of Biostatisticians. Our department offers a PhD degree and a MS degree newly featured with concentration on Health Data Science (HDS) or Statistical and Computational Genomics (SCG).

Active research areas of our faculty members are in breadth and depth, including Bioinformatics, Clinical Trials, Computational Statistics and Data Science, Dynamic Treatment Regimes, Environmental Health, Genetics/Genomics, Machine Learning, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Missing Data, Mobile Data, Neuro Imaging, Personalized Medicine, Proteomics, Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC), Agent-based and Stochastic Modeling, Time Series, and Time-to-Event Analysis.

The practical experience of the faculty in addressing “real world problems” helps our students “bridge the gap” between their theoretical knowledge and the need for addressing real, complex, multidisciplinary public health and biomedical problems. Graduates from our program have assumed leadership roles in academia, industry, and government nationally and internationally.

Thank you for your interest in our department! We look forward to meeting with you in the near future.