Biostatistics Seminar Series

Richard J. Cook - Analysis of progression-free survival, overall survival & markers in cancer trials

Thursday 4/14 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Public Health Lecture Hall (A115)

Richard J. Cook of the University of Waterloo presents:  
The analysis of progression-free survival, overall survival and markers in cancer clinical trials

Cancer clinical trials are routinely designed on the basis of event-free survival time where the event of interest may represent a complication, metastasis, relapse, or progression. This talk is concerned with a number of statistical issues arising from the use of such endpoints including the interpretation of results based on composite endpoints, the consequences of naïve analysis of event times subject to dual censoring schemes, and the causal interpretation of treatment effects. Related issues in the analysis of longitudinal and survival data will also be highlighted. 

Visit  for details, or download flyer (PDF). 

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