BCHS Seminar Series

Online Hyper-local Communities: Designing for Sustainability and Inclusion

Thursday 11/29 12:00PM - 1:30PM
A521 Public Health
Dr. Farzan earned her Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems Program at the University of Pittsburgh. In her research, she seeks to understand, design, and implement socio-technical systems that empower individuals and groups to contribute to knowledge production and community building. Various information systems have emerged to facilitate citizen participation in communities. In this talk, Dr. Farzan will introduce a framework to identify and analyze factors that influence the sustainability of “hyper-local” information systems, present studies of the framework through one exemplary hyper-local system, and demonstrate the potential of system design to bridge digital inequalities, especially across gender and race. She will also present recent participatory action research to engage youth from underserved communities in building community technologies.

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