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Find out about "Cool Pittsburgh"

Take a look at what makes Pittsburgh great, through the eyes of Pitt grad students. 

Boston vs. Pittsburgh — a classic matchup that goes beyond football

THE BOSTON GLOBE - Columnist David Shribman takes a light-hearted look at two great American cities:  They both have a north shore. They both have fine universities. They both have rabid sports fans. They both have a quarterback out-of-towners love to deride...But Boston is reserved, Pittsburgh exuberant. Boston flexes its muscles, Pittsburgh builds its muscles. Boston cultivates an urbane sophistication, Pittsburgh luxuriates in an informal e... 

Pittsburgh one of “2017’s Best Cities for an Active Lifestyle”

NEXTPITTSBURGH - If you’re resolving to be more active and get fit, then you’re in the right spot. In a recent research study, the personal finance website WalletHub crunched the numbers to determine “2017’s Best & Worst Cities for an Active Lifestyle” based on 30 weighted measures of cost, participation, facilities and environment. Locals should rejoice (and hit the trails), because Pittsburgh lands an impressive No. 7 spot on the national li... 

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

TRAVEL+LEISURE - Its comeback from postindustrial malaise was already one of the best stories in the annals of American urbanism. Now something even more unlikely is happening: the Steel City is turning into Cool Town, U.S.A.   

Could the Next Brooklyn Be Pittsburgh?

BROOKLYN BASED - When the borough you call home becomes known as one the most expensive places to live in America, it’s natural to look around for better alternatives.... there is another metropolis the 25-34 cohort is gravitating toward that is considerably more buzzworthy, filled with James Beard Award-nominated chefs, tech startups, and the cool factor of a soon-to-open Ace Hotel. The city that holds all this promise? Pittsburgh. It claims mor... 

No Driver? Bring It On. How Pittsburgh Became Uber’s Testing Ground

NEW YORK TIMES -  Any day now, Uber will introduce a fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, making this former steel town the world’s first city to let any passenger hail an autonomous vehicle.  

Graduating This Year? Here’s Where to Move

BLOOMBERG - You did it! Now, where to next? Pittsburgh’s sounding awfully nice. The Steel City comes in first place on the new Graduate Opportunity Index . Compiled by Trulia in partnership with LinkedIn, the index rates “40 of America’s strongest job markets based on what they have to offer recent college grads.” Three equally weighted factors go into each metro area’s score on the index: the share of entry-level job openings for recent grad... 

Pittsburgh’s Youth-Driven Food Boom

  NEW YORK TIMES -  In December, Zagat named Pittsburgh the No. 1 food city in America. It hits you as soon as you get to town. There’s the purple-haired free spirit at the   Ace Hotel   who gives you the lowdown on outlaw poetry gatherings and killer pizza. There are the art kids offering tips at   the Andy Warhol Museum,   and the tyro entrepreneurs strategizing over cocktails at the   Tender Bar & Kitchen   in Lawrenceville, the neigh... 

Rust Belt Romance: How the Ace Hotel Fell Hard for Pittsburgh

VOGUE -  In fact, Pittsburgh is not just a happening place to visit—increasingly, people, especially New Yorkers, are toying with the idea of moving here.  

Pittsburgh: The Comeback - (video)

TIME MAGAZINE -  This beautiful short video shows how Pittsburgh weathered the rocky transition from an economy built on manufacturing to one driven by cutting edge research. This is the story of its rebirth.  Innovators and luminaries quoted include Pitt's Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences, Arthur Levine, MD who remarks, "This is a city that captures the sophistication of the East Coast, and retains the civility of the Midwest."... 

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