Meet Yomei Shaw, HPM alum


After completing her dissertation about treatment decision making in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Yomei Shaw (HPM '16) continues to work in rheumatology research in the context of two rheumatic diseases registries, the NDB (USA), and the Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases (SCQM) registry in Switzerland. At the NDB, she is working on a mixed methods project to describe the impact of RA on patients. Shaw and her colleagues are analyzing qualitative interviews with patients and integrating their perspectives with insights from the registry data. The qualitative data is very rich, and Yomei always feels that she is learning so much from the patients' stories. At the moment, she is exploring resilience (the capacity to respond positively or recover from adverse situations) and the limitations of patient-reported outcome measures. At the University of Geneva, Shaw is leading a study to assess the impact of disease management apps on patient satisfaction, shared decision making, and other outcomes in patients with rheumatic diseases.  


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