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New Introduction to SAS Course (EPIDEM 2185) Available in Spring 2009

Introduction to SAS - Spring 2009

Students will learn to use SAS by research examples. This course is for students interested in conducting research on their own using SAS, a statistical software package which is commonly used to perform data preparation and statistical analysis. Since it is taught by example it is fun. To know SAS is an advantage. SAS is very powerful and you will learn how to clean data, prepare data sets for analysis and apply statistical as well as graphical procedures. Students will learn how to use SAS program features adequately and efficiently for their own research, perform data entry/importation into SAS, create data sets within SAS, and export data from SAS. Students will learn how to write SAS programs for data preparation and solving a set of specific research question. By the end of this course students will be able to use SAS as a tool to conduct research and know how to further develop their own SAS programming skills.

Instructor: Marike Vuga, PhD.

Tuesday 2:30 - 4:20pm

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