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Phil Han "Chemical-Biology Approach to Delineate the Mechanism on Action of HIV-1 Latency ..."

Friday 4/21 9:30AM - 10:30AM
Public Health Auditorium (G23)

"Chemical-Biology Approach to
Delineate the Mechanism on Action of
HIV-1 Latency Reversing Agents"

Abstract:  Prostratin has been applied as a promising latency reversing agent for the eradication of HIV-1 latent CD4+ T cell reservoirs, yet the molecular mechanism of this reactivation remains unclear. Here, we design a novel chemical biology approach revealing that PKC-Mek pathway is essential for prostratin-induced reactivation of latent HIV-1 provirus. First, 7 different Mek inhibitors were identified by the approach that constantly impaired prostratin-induced reactivation. Second, PKC inhibitors, Raf inhibitors, and Erk inhibitors showed different level of inhibition in the latency reversal induced my prostratin. Consistent with this observation, we found that prostratin-induced latency reversal was involved with the kinase activation cascade of PKC-Mek pathway. In addition, we identified several kinase inhibitors that activated HIV-1 latent genes in a significant level individually, including CUDC-101, XMD8-92, PD173074, Quizartinib, and CUDC-907.  Therefore, this chemical biology approach provides new methods of revealing the molecular mechanism of LRAs into the HIV-1 eradication research.

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Created On Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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