IDM Annual Research Day

2018 IDM Research Day
Thursday, September 13
Noon–3 p.m O’Hara Student Center

Students, alumni, and faculty: learn about current research and support the PhD, MS, and MPH students presenting posters to faculty judges.

Selected winners are then invited to present their work on Monday, September 17, as part of the departmental seminar series at noon in the Public Health Lecture Hall (A115).

Register below to confirm your attendance at the September 13 poster session. Lunch will be provided.

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PhD Presentations

First Place (tie): Jennifer Bowling

"Natural History of Pneumonic Tularemia in Outbred New Zealand White Rabbits"


First Place (tie):  Nicole Grant

"Investigating Cellular Characteristics of Early and Late TB Granulomas in Non-Human Primates”  



Second Place: Henry Ma 

“Radiofrequency Telemetry Monitoring of Inhalatioal Alphavirus Disease in Cynomolgus Maqcaques Provide Biomarkers for Infection”



Third Place: Priyanka Talukdar

"Type III Interferons are Expressed by Epithelioid Macrophages Tuberculosis Granuloma" 




MPH-MIC Presentations

First Place: Kelsey Messerschmidt    

“A Logistical Review of Points-of-Dispensing Sites in Allegheny County”


Second Place: Lindsay Summers

“Building Skills at the Local Level:  A Competency Bases Approach to Public Health Workforce Development”



Third Place: Jessica Salerno 

“Preliminary Characterization of Reasons behind Measles Undervaccination in Europe and the United States”




MPH-PEL Presentations

First Place: Alexandra Weissman

“Development of a Rapid Clinical Flow Cytometric Assay of Neutrophil Cell-Surface Biomarkers”


Second Place: Justin Dutta

“Follistatin-Like Protein 1 Deficiency Plays a Protective Role in Klebsiella pneumoniae Infection via Innate Immunity Mechanisms”



Third Place: Cory Hayes

"Predicting Hospital Readmission Risk:  Conducting a Retrospective Cohort to Assess and Validate the Accuracy of a Real-Time Multiple Logistic Regression Tool for Accessing the Likelihood of Patient Readmission Upon Discharge"  


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