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Summer Research In Progress Seminar

Department of Human Genetics
2017 Summer Research in Progress Seminar, 12-1pm A215 Crabtree Hall Graduate School of Public Health

Bruce Nmezi
(Brandon B.)
Proper morphology of the nucleus requires balanced expression of nuclear lamin proteins.
Katya Orlova
(Ahmed B.)

Ann Piccirillo
(Bruce N.)

Long chain fatty acid transporter, MFSD2A, is essential for the effector CD8+ T cell response to infection

July 7 Celeste Shelton
(Megan E.)
A comprehensive study of hereditary pancreatitis natural history and quality of life, and pathways underlying chronic pancreatitis progression

July 14 Emily Russell
(Steve M.)
Brandon Blobner
(Kathy G.)

 Effects of the interaction between a CRBRF missense variant and body mass index on diabetes risk in Samoans

July 21 Megan Eshbach
(Michelle Z.)

Hemoglobin inhibits uptake of filtered proteins by proximal tubule cells: implications for sickle cell disease

July 28 Nandini Ramesh
(Megan B.)

Megan Breski
(Ann P.)
Modeling pathogenic mutations in Matrin 3 using Drosophila and mammalian cells

Allele-specific chemical genetics to study chromatin demethylation in gene regulation and epigenetics



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