Journal Club

Journal Club

The Human Genetics Journal Club meets weekly on Fridays, from 1:30-2:30pm in A215 Public Health. Journal club starts promptly at 1:30, and discussion is cut off at 2:30. Papers and presenters are listed below. Students who are taking journal club for credit should see Courseweb for a full syllabus and assignments.

Spring 2019 meetings

11 January 2019 • Candy - Introduction

18 January 2019 • Lily Francis
Evangelou, et al.  Genetic analysis of over 1 million people identifies 535 new loci associated with blood pressure traits.  Nature Genetics 50: 1755, 2018.

25 January 2019 • Lexi Schmidt
McDiarmid TA, et al.  CRISPR-Cas9 human gene replacement and phenomic characterizaion in C. elegans to understand the functional conservation of human genes and decipher variants of uncertain significance.  Disease Models &Mechanisms (2018) 11:  dmm036517.  doi:10.1242/dmm.036517

01 February 2019 • Teresa Capasso
Cho e, et al.  Cardiac-specific developmental and epigenetic functions of Jarid2 during embryonic development.  J Biol Chem (2018) 292:11659-11673.  DOI 10.1074/jbc.RA118.002482

08 February 2019 • Melissa Bulik
Xie et al.  Single-Cell Deconvolution of Fibroblast Heterogeneity in Mouse Pulmonary Fibrosis. Cell Rep. 22(13): 3625–3640, 2018.

15 February 2019 • Olivia D’annibale
Kilbas et al.  Bag-1 silencing enhanced chemotherapeutic drug-induce apoptosis in MCF-7 breast cancer cells affecting PI3/Akt/mTOR and MAPK signaling pathways.  Molecular Biology Reports (2019).

22 February 2019 • Vibha Acharya
Morris et al.  An atlas of genetic influences on osteoporosis in humans and mice.  Nature Genetics | VOL 51 | 258 FEBRUARY 2019 | 258–266 |

01 March 2019 • Dongjing Liu
Berg, J.J., et al. (2018). Reduced signal for polygenic adaptation of height in UK Biobank. bioRxiv.  DOI:

22 March 2019 • Morgan Sedorovitz
Pu et al.  Cables 1 inhibits proliferation and induces senecesnce by angiotensin II via p21-dependent pathway in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.  J Vasc Res 2017;54:13–21  DOI: 10.1159/000452409


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Journal Club "Rules and Regulations"

  • The goal of journal club is to provide an informal venue for scientific interaction in the Department of Human Genetics.  
  • Students are advised to get advice from a faculty member when choosing a paper to present. The ideal journal club article is something that is of both scientific importance and general interest.
  • Let the faculty facilitator (Candy Kammerer) know what your choice is 2 weeks before your presentation so that the link can be posted on the web site.
  • IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE a presentation, it is YOUR responsibility to find a substitute.
  • Please let the faculty facilitator know if you need a laptop or other media needs.
  • Presentations should begin with an introduction to the general topic area and what is interesting or important about the work being presented. Try to explain key concepts and definitions. Do not assume everyone in the audience is an expert or that everyone in the audience has read the paper.