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Why I chose Pitt: The program at Pitt appealed to me for a variety of reasons. The dual degree program drew me in because I am interested in community health. I knew getting an additional degree in public health would expand my opportunities in the profession. The city of Pittsburgh was also exciting to me, as it has a large health network and is a great place for young adults!
Background: Cancer genetics intern (Medical City Dallas Hospital), hotline volunteer (Project Horizon), developmental biology independent research (Washington and Lee University), molecular genetics research intern (UT Southwestern Medical Center)
Work position: Claire Leifeste (BS major in neuroscience, minor in poverty and human capabilities, Washington and Lee University, 2016.)

Why I chose Pitt: I really like the way the program is structured. Students are able to build a strong knowledge base during the first year of the program, that they are then able to apply in their clinical rotations during their second year. Because the program is housed in Pitt Public Health, I think it lends a unique perspective when learning about the field of genetic counseling and how relevant public health really is. I also like that students are encouraged to find a work position while in the program, oftentimes being able to incorporate their thesis project into their hourly work position.
Background: CASA volunteer, big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters, research assistant in the IU psychology department, STEM summer camp counselor
Work position: Genetic counseling student worker at the Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation

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