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Yulia Y Tyurina, PhD

Research Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health


Bridgeside Pt, 100 Technology Drive, Set 350 , Pittsburgh, PA 15219
R-znvy: llg6@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-838-0544
Fax: 967-179-4816
Web site:

Personal Statement

The main focus of my research is to understand the fundamental role of
phospholipids and their oxygenated species in cell death pathways including apoptosis, necroptosis, ferroptosis and mitophagy.  My studies discovered that the generation of cardiolipin oxygenated species is essential for the execution of the apoptotic cell death pathway and provide insight into the role of reactive oxygen species in triggering cell death pathways. My significant contribution to a study on the mechanisms responsible for the degradation of injured mitochondria by macroautophagy resulted in the discovery of a new regulatory pathway involved in the quality control of mitochondria realized via elimination of damaged organelles.  Particularly, redistribution of cardiolipin from the inner to the outer mitochondrial membrane serves as an “eat-me” signal for the elimination of damaged mitochondria in cells. In addition, my contribution to the investigation of the role of lipid hydroperoxides in ferroptosis revealed a complex lipid oxidation signature associated with the ferroptotic cell death pathway.


1988 / Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia / Master of Biochemistry 

1995 / Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry Russian Academy of Science, Saint Petersburg, Russia / PhD in Biochemistry



Selected Publications

1.Tyurina YY, Polimova AM, Maciel E, Tyurin VA, Kapralova VI, Winnica DE, VikulinaAS, Domingues MR, McCoy J, Sanders LH, Bayir H, Greenamyre JT, Kagan VE. LC/MS analysis of cardiolipins in substantia nigra and plasma of rotenone-treated rats: Implication for mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. Free Radical Research. 2015;49(5):681-91. doi: 10.3109/10715762.2015.1005085. .PMID:25740198, PMCID:PMC4430340
2. Friedmann Angeli JP, Schneider M, Proneth B, Tyurina YY, Tyurin
VA, Hammond VJ, Herbach N, Aichler M, Walch A, Eggenhofer E, Basavarajappa D, Rådmark O, Kobayashi S, Seibt T, Beck H, Neff F, Esposito I, Wanke R, Förster H, Yefremova O, Heinrichmeyer M, Bornkamm GW, Geissler EK, Thomas SB, Stockwell BR, O'Donnell VB, Kagan VE, Schick JA, Conrad M. Inactivation of the ferroptosis regulator Gpx4 triggers acute renal failure in mice. Nature Cell Biology, 2014 Dec;16(12):1180-91. doi: 10.1038/ncb3064. PMID:24703837.
3. Tyurina YY, Poloyac SM, Tyurin VA, Kapralov AA, Jiang J, Anthonymuthu TS, Kapralova VI, Vikulina AS, Jung MY, Epperly MW, Mohammadyani D, Klein-Seetharaman J, Jackson TC, Kochanek PM, Pitt BR, Greenberger JS, Vladimirov YA, Bayir H, Kagan VE. A mitochondrial pathway for biosynthesis of lipid mediators. Nature Chemistry. 2014 Jun; 6 (6):542-52. PMID: 24848241.

4.Tyurina YY, Domingues RM, Tyurin VA, Maciel E, Domingues P, Amoscato AA, Bayir H, Kagan VE. Characterization of cardiolipins and their oxidation products by LC-MS analysis. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids. 2014 Apr; 179:3-10. PMID: 24333544.
5. Chu CT, Ji J, Dagda RK, Jiang JF, Tyurina YY, Kapralov AA, Tyurin VA, Yanamala N, Shrivastava IH, Mohammadyani D, Qiang Wang KZ, Zhu J, Klein-Seetharaman J, Balasubramanian K, Amoscato AA, Borisenko G, Huang Z, Gusdon AM, Cheikhi A, Steer EK, Wang R, Baty C, Watkins S, Bahar I, Bayir H, Kagan VE. Cardiolipin externalization to the outer mitochondrial membrane acts as an elimination signal for mitophagy in neuronal cells. Nature Cell Biology. 2013 Oct; 15 (10):1197-205. PMCID: PMC3806088. PMID: 24036476.
6.Ji J, Kline AE, Amoscato A, Samhan-Arias AK, Sparvero LJ, Tyurin VA, Tyurina YY, Fink B, Manole MD, Puccio AM, Okonkwo DO, Cheng JP, Alexander H, Clark RS, Kochanek PM, Wipf P, Kagan VE, Bayir H. Lipidomics identifies cardiolipin oxidation as a mitochondrial target for redox therapy of brain injury. Nature Neuroscience. 2012 Oct; 15 (10):1407-13. PMCID: PMC3697869. PMID: 22922784
7. Tyurina YY, Kisin ER, Murray A, Tyurin VA, Kapralova VI, Sparvero LJ, Amoscato AA, Samhan-Arias AK, Swedin L, Lahesmaa R, Fadeel B, Shvedova AA, Kagan VE. Global phospholipidomics analysis reveals selective pulmonary peroxidation profiles upon inhalation of single-walled carbon nanotubes. ACS nano. 2011 Sep 27; 5 (9):7342-53. PMCID: PMC3321726. PMID: 21800898.
8. Atkinson J, Kapralov AA, Yanamala N, Tyurina YY, Amoscato AA, Pearce L, Peterson J, Huang Z, Jiang J, Samhan-Arias AK, Maeda A, Feng W, Wasserloos K, Belikova NA, Tyurin VA, Wang H, Fletcher J, Wang Y, Vlasova II, Klein-Seetharaman J, Stoyanovsky DA, Bayîr H, Pitt BR, Epperly MW, Greenberger JS, Kagan VE. A mitochondria-targeted inhibitor of cytochrome c peroxidase mitigates radiation-induced death. Nature communications. 2011; 2:497. PMCID: PMC3557495. PMID: 21988913
9.Ray NB, Durairaj L, Chen BB, McVerry BJ, Ryan AJ, Donahoe M, Waltenbaugh AK, O’Donnell CP, Henderson FC, Etscheidt CA, McCoy DM, Agassandian M, Hayes-Rowan EC, Coon TA, Butler PL, Gakhar L, Mathur SN, Sieren JC, Tyurina YY, Kagan VE, McLennan G, Mallampalli RK. Dynamic regulation of cardiolipin by the lipid pump Atp8b1 determines the severity of lung injury in experimental pneumonia. Nature medicine. 2010 Oct; 16 (10):1120-7. PMID: 20852622.
10.Tyurina YY, Tyurin VA, Kaynar AM, Kapralova VI, Wasserloos K, Li J, Mosher M, Wright L, Wipf P, Watkins S, Pitt BR, Kagan VE. Oxidative lipidomics of hyperoxic acute lung injury: mass spectrometric characterization of cardiolipin and phosphatidylserine peroxidation. American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology. 2010 Jul; 299 (1):L73-85. PMCID: PMC2904094. PMID: 20418384.
11.Kagan VE, Konduru NV, Feng W, Allen BL, Conroy J, Volkov Y, Vlasova II, Belikova NA, Yanamala N, Kapralov A, Tyurina YY, Shi J, Kisin ER, Murray AR, Franks J, Stolz D, Gou P, Klein-Seetharaman J, Fadeel B, Star A, Shvedova AA. Carbon nanotubes degraded by neutrophil myeloperoxidase induce less pulmonary inflammation. Nature nanotechnology. 2010 May; 5 (5):354-9. PMID: 20364135.
12.Kagan VE, Tyurin VA, Jiang J, Tyurina YY, Ritov VB, Amoscato AA, Osipov AN, Belikova NA, Kapralov AA, Kini V, Vlasova II, Zhao Q, Zou M, Di P, Svistunenko DA, Kurnikov IV, Borisenko GG. Cytochrome c acts as a cardiolipin oxygenase required for release of proapoptotic factors. Nature chemical biology. 2005 Sep; 1 (4):223-32. PMID: 16408039.

Yulia Y Tyurina
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