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Mr. Jess J Behrens, MS


A636 Public Health, 130 DeSoto Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
R-znvy: wwo627@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-838-5078


2003 | Colorado State Univeristy, Fort Collins, CO | MS Ecology

1996 | University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA | BA Anthropology

Selected Publications

1.   Wandling M, Behrens J, Hsia R, Crandall M.  Geographic disparities in access to urban trauma care: defining the problem and identifying a solution for gunshot wound victims in Chicago American Journal of Surgery 2016;212(4):587-91.

2.   CrandallM, Kucybala K, Behrens J, Schwulst S, Esposito T.  Geographic association of liquor licenses and gunshot wounds in Chicago American Journal of Surgery 2015;210(1):99-1053.  

3.    Behrens, J. J. & Moore, C. G. (2010). Using Geographic Information Systems to analyze the distribution and abundance of Aedesaegypti in Africa: the potential role of human travel in determining the intensity of mosquito infestation. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 4(2): 1-30.

Jess J Behrens
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