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Dr. Ernesto T. A. Marques, Jr., MD/PhD

Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Public Health Researcher, FIOCRUZ


9022 BST3, 3501 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
R-znvy: znedhrf@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-193-7507

Personal Statement

Keywords: Vaccinology, Immunomics,  Molecular mechanisms of dengue immunity and pathogenicity

Research Summary. The research expertise of Dr. Marques is engineering of novel vaccines, immunotherapies, diagnostic markers and disease surveillance tools based on correlates of protection and/or pathogenesis defined in human samples from well characterized cohorts. The strategy he uses is based on the development of detailed T and B cell epitopes maps and the characterization of innate immune response induced by the pathogenic agents. The laboratory apply a combination of computational technologies, high throughput immune assays in human samples and suitable human transgenic animal models. Using this information we explore patterns correlated either with immunity or pathogenicity and design novel antigen formulations containing selected epitopes, adjuvants and adequate delivery methods. Currently we are applying this strategy to study Dengue, yellow fever, HIV among other agents.


1993 | Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil | Medical Doctor - MD
1999 | The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine  | Doctor of Philosophy - PhD


IDM - 2003 - Host Response to Microbial Infection - Course Coordinator
IDM - 2010 - Biology of Pathogens - Lecturer
IDM - 2014 - Functional Genomics of Microbial Pathogens - Lecturer
IDM - 2038 - Prevention, Treatment, and Control of Global Infectious Diseases- Lecturer

Selected Publications

  1. Maciel M Jr, Cruz FD,Cordeiro MT, da Motta MA, Cassemiro KM, Maia RC, de Figueiredo RC, Galler R, Freire MD, August JT, Marques ET, Dhalia R. A DNA Vaccine against Yellow Fever
    Virus: Development and Evaluation. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2015 Apr;
    9 (4):e0003693. PMID: 25875109. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003693
  2. Nascimento EJ, Hottz ED, Garcia-Bates TM, Bozza F, Marques ET Jr, Barratt-Boyes SM. Emerging concepts in dengue pathogenesis: interplay between plasmablasts, platelets, and complement in triggering vasculopathy. Critical Reviews in Immunology. 2014;34(3):227-40. PMID:24941075.
  3. Douradinha B, McBurney SP, Melo KM, Smith AP, Krishna NK, Barratt-Boyes SM, Evans JD, Nascimento EJ, Jr ET. C1q binding to Dengue Virus decreases levels of infection and inflammatory molecules transcription in THP-1 cells. Virus Research. 2013 Nov 15. PMID:24246304.
  4. Nascimento E, Mailliard R, Khan A, Sidney J, Sette A, Guzman N,  Paulaitis M, Melo A, Cordeiro M, Gil L, Lemonnier F, Rinaldo CR, August  J, Marques E T A. Identification of Conserved HLA Promiscuous DENV3 T-cell Epitopes. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2013 Oct  10;7(10):e2497.
  5. Homma A, Tanuri A, Duarte AJ, Marques E, de Almeida A, Martins R, Silva-Junior JB, Possas C. Vaccine research, development, and innovation in Brazil: a translational science perspective. Vaccine. 2013 Apr 18;31:B54-60. PMID:23598493.
  6. de Melo AB, Nascimento EJ, Braga-Neto U, Dhalia R, Silva AM, Oelke M, Schneck JP, Sidney J, Sette A, Montenegro SM, Marques ET. T-cell memory responses elicited by yellow fever vaccine are targeted to  overlapping epitopes containing multiple HLA-I and -II binding motifs. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2013;7(1):e1938. PMID:23383350. PMCID:PMC3561163.
  7. de Melo AB, da Silva Mda P, Magalhães MC, Gonzales Gil LH, Freese de  Carvalho EM, Braga-Neto UM, Bertani GR, Marques ET Jr, Cordeiro MT. Description of a prospective 17DD yellow fever vaccine cohort in Recife, Brazil. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 2011 Oct;85(4):739-47. PMID:21976581. PMCID:PMC3183786.
  8. Braga C, Luna CF, Martelli CM, de Souza WV, Cordeiro MT, Alexander N, de Albuquerque Mde F, Júnior JC, Marques ET. Seroprevalence and risk factors for dengue infection in socio economically distinct areas of Recife, Brazil. Acta tropica. 2010 Mar;113(3):234-40. PMID:19896921.
  9. Valentin A, Chikhlikar P, Patel V, Rosati M, Maciel M, Chang KH, Silvera P, Felber BK, Pavlakis GN, August JT, Marques ET. Comparison of DNA vaccines producing HIV-1 Gag and LAMP/Gag chimera in rhesus  macaques reveals antigen-specific T-cell responses with distinct phenotypes. Vaccine. 2009 Jul 30;27(35):4840-9. PMID:19539586. PMCID:PMC2743166.
  10. Nascimento EJ, Silva AM, Cordeiro MT, Brito CA, Gil LH, Braga-Neto U, Marques ET. Alternative complement pathway deregulation is correlated with dengue severity. PloS one. 2009;4(8):e6782. PMID:19707565. PMCID:PMC2728508.
  11. Cordeiro MT, Silva AM, Brito CA, Nascimento EJ, Magalhães MC, Guimarães GF, Lucena-Silva N, de Carvalho EM, Marques ET Jr. Characterization of a dengue patient cohort in Recife, Brazil. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 2007 Dec;77(6):1128-34. PMID:18165535.
  12. Chikhlikar P, Barros de Arruda L, Maciel M, Silvera P, Lewis MG, August JT, Marques ET. DNA encoding an HIV-1 Gag/human lysosome-associated membrane protein-1  chimera elicits a broad cellular and humoral immune response in Rhesus  macaques. PloS one. 2006;1:e135. PMID:17205139. PMCID:PMC1762437.
  13. Arruda LB, Sim D, Chikhlikar PR, Maciel M Jr, Akasaki K, August JT, Marques ET. Dendritic cell-lysosomal-associated membrane protein (LAMP) and LAMP-1-HIV-1 gag  chimeras have distinct cellular trafficking pathways and prime T and B  cell responses to a diverse repertoire of epitopes. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 2006 Aug 15;177(4):2265-75. PMID:16887987.
  14. Braga-Neto UM, Marques ET Jr. From functional genomics to functional immunomics: new challenges, old problems, big rewards. PLoS computational biology. 2006 Jul 28;2(7):e81. PMID:16863395. PMCID:PMC1523295.
  15. Marques ET Jr, Chikhlikar P, de Arruda LB, Leao IC, Lu Y, Wong J, Chen JS, Byrne B, August JT. HIV-1 p55Gag encoded in the lysosome-associated membrane protein-1 as a DNA plasmid vaccine chimera is highly expressed, traffics to the major  histocompatibility class II compartment, and elicits enhanced immune  responses. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2003 Sep 26;278(39):37926-36. PMID:12824194.
  16. Lu Y, Raviprakash K, Leao IC, Chikhlikar PR, Ewing D, Anwar A, Chougnet C, Murphy G, Hayes CG, August TJ, Marques ET Jr. Dengue 2 PreM-E/LAMP chimera targeted to the MHC class II compartment elicits long-lasting neutralizing antibodies. Vaccine. 2003 May 16;21(17-18):2178-89. PMID:12706709.

Ernesto T. A. Marques
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