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Resources for Teaching & Learning

Faculty Certificate in Teaching Excellence

Designed to be completed in two years, faculty earn the certificate by attending teaching workshops or completing one-on-one consultations with Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education (CIDDE) instructional designers. This is tracked by the Office of Student Affairs. We will send further details once you enroll in the program. Faculty are required to attend a minimum of five workshops or consultations. To certify your progress and completion, complete this brief form and submit it to Robin Leaf, educational programs and practicum coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs.

Teaching Certification for Students

Degree-seeking students can choose between a non-credit, workshop-based program or a three-credit course. Four major areas are covered in both programs:
  • Teaching Fundamentals
  • Mentoring/Advising
  • Classroom Methods
  • Ethical Issues

All participants are awarded a certificate of completion and a letter from the associate dean for education, copies of which are stored in your academic file. 

Credit Program

Enroll in the Practicum in University Teaching course (FACDEV 2200) for three credits, offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms in both traditional and hybrid formats.

Non-Credit Program

Complete the non-credit program by attending five or more workshops on teaching topics offered by Pitt Public Health and by the University’s Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education (CIDDE). Complete one workshop from each of the four areas listed above plus an elective workshop of your choice. Participation in workshops is tracked by the Office of Student Affairs.

Sample Teaching Certification Workshops

Past Workshops | 2014-15 Series

Teaching Cultural Competence
Held on: April 29
How do you teach students to value a broad range of backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives? How do you teach them to incorporate cultural competence in their professional work?
Presented by: Meiyi Song, CIDDE Instructional Designer. Best practices from Pitt Public Health presented by: Dr. Martha Terry and Dr. Patricia Documet

Student Affairs 101
Held on: February 25
Whether you are a mentor, advisor, or teacher, this introductory workshop provides an overview of the functions and services provided by Student Affairs, through both Pitt Public Health and the Office of the Provost. Topics include academics & courses, graduation requirements, career services, counseling services, and disability services. Representatives from Pitt Public Health’s Office of Student Affairs and the University’s Division of Student Affairs will describe their roles and resources that they offer. They will also be available to answer questions.
Presented by: Cindy Bryce, Pitt Public Health Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Mary Derkach, Pitt Public Health Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

"Globalizing" Your Course
Held on: January 28, 2015
Want to add a more global perspective to an existing course? This workshop will give you hints and tell you about resources that are
Presented by: Joanne Russell, Pitt Public Health faculty and Director of PCMI and Center for Global Health 

Learner-Centered Syllabus Design
Held on: September 24, 2014
Learner-centered teaching in the classroom has increasingly been recognized as a more effective model of instruction in higher education than traditional lecture models. But what does it mean to design a learner-centered syllabus? This workshop is intended to provide some suggestions for designing a syllabus that takes into consideration students’ actual interests, wants, and needs, to most effectively establish and accomplish student learning objectives in a course.
Presented by: Joel Brady, CIDDE Instructional Designers

Online Teaching 101
Held on: October 29, 2014
Is it just a delivery method, or is it a whole different educational model? What can you learn from the online stars for use in your own classroom? This workshop will introduce you to the terminology, technology, and theory, and show you what resources are available at Pitt.
Presented by: Joel Brady and Carol DeArment, CIDDE Instructional Designers

Workshop Schedules

Approximately four teaching workshops are presented by Pitt Public Health each academic year, while CIDDE presents workshops year-round.


If you have questions, an idea or suggestion for next year's workshops, please e-mail Robin Leaf, or stop by the Office of Student Affairs.
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