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Global Health Open House

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Global Health Open House

Thank you to those who were able to participate in the 2018 Center for Global Health Open House. Please view photos from the Global Health Poster Presentations here. There were a total of 24 poster presenters with participation from students and faculty members. Please see below for the full list of presenters and the titles of their projects.

  1. Mounika Abbareddy, IDMInvestigating Factors in the Spread of Leprosy through Household Contacts
  2. Eli Andrade, BCHS - Sex work regulation and HIV: a qualitative analysis of the impact of two regulation regimes on HIV prevention among female sex workers in two U.S.-México border cities
  3. Sara Baumann, BCHS - Assessing the Role of Caste/Ethnicity in Predicting Menstrual Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in Nepal
  4. Sara Baumann, BCHS  - Collaborative Filmmaking
  5. Regina Brecker, BCHS  - Feasibility of a Sexual Health Text Helpline in Nepal
  6. Mohammed Bu Saad, Epi - Early Head Start's Parental Needs Assessment
  7. Jenna Carlson, Biostat - Creating a Samoan haplotype reference panel for improved genotype imputation
  8. Jonathan Chernus, HuGen - A Genome-wide Association Study of Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
  9. Justin Dutta, HuGen - Understanding Roadblocks for Clinical and Epidemiological Studies in Recife, Brazil
  10. Eleanor Feingold, HuGen - Maternal Telomere Length and Risk of Down Syndrome: Epidemiological Impact of Smokeless Chewing Tobacco and Oral Contraceptive on Segregation of Chromosome 21
  11. Emily Fitzpatrick, Epi - Improving Type 1 Diabetes Management: Considerations for a Peer-Support Network in Kigali, Rwanda
  12. Jonathan Haposan, IDM - PROMOTE Project: A One Health Initiative to Reduce Malaria in a Rural Endemic Kulon Progo, Indonesia
  13. Cory Hayes, IDM - Predicting Hospital Readmission Risk: Conducting a Retrospective Cohort to Assess and Validate the Accuracy of a Real-Time Multiple Logistic Regression Tool for Assessing the Likelihood of Patient Readmission
  14. Laurenia Mangum, BCHS - Malusog Na Nanay, Malusog Na Anak (Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby)!!! Investing in Filipino women, children, and families for generations to come.
  15. Ryan Minster, HuGen - On-Going Work in Human Genetics in Samoa
  16. Lycia Neumann, BCHS - The profile and unmet needs of cancer patients' family caregivers in Brazil
  17. Abisola Olaniyan, BCHS - A qualitative study of the facilitators and barriers to seeking and accessing childhood immunization services in Lagos state, Nigeria.
  18. Teagan O’Malley, BCHS - Using social network analysis to accelerate behavior change and health improvement among microfinance borrowers in Peru: Formative research for intervention development
  19. Caterina Rosano, Epi - Hydroxyurea Mobile Directly Observed Therapy for Sickle Cell Anemia in Tanzania
  20. Samantha Rosenthal, HuGen - A CREBRF missense mutation substantially affects height in Samoans
  21. Emily Russell, HuGen - Genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes in Sāmoans.
  22. Jessica Salerno, IDM - How the Health of Colombians Has Been Impacted by Past Conflict and the Current Peace Process
  23. Curtis Tilves, Epi - Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet is Associated with Lower Pericardial Fat in African Caribbean Men
  24. Jeannette Trauth, BCHS - Grappling with Social Isolation & Loneliness: The UK Perspective
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