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Secondary Faculty
Name Department E-mail Phone
David A Brent, MD, MsHyg Endowed Chair in Suicide Studies and Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Epidemiology, and Clinical and Translational Science, Epidemiology
oeragqn@hczp.rqh 967-791-0041
Lora Burke Professor, Epidemiology
yoh655@cvgg.rqh 967-179-7850
Janet Catov Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
wzpfg98@cvgg.rqh 967-196-1762
Juan C Celedon, MD, DrPH Professor, Human Genetics
Professor, Epidemiology
pryrqbaw@cvgg.rqh 967-147-0185
Marie Cornelius Associate Professor, Epidemiology
zqp6@cvgg.rqh 967-136-8937
Nancy Day Professor, Epidemiology
aqnl@cvgg.rqh 967-136-8937
Janice S Dorman, PhD Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Linda Fried Professor, Epidemiology
yss4@cvgg.rqh 967-815-8485
Mary Ganguli Professor, Epidemiology
Tiffany L Gary-Webb, PhD, MHS Associate Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Epidemiology
gtnel@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8686
Joseph Hanlon Professor, Epidemiology
wgu69@cvgg.rqh 967-319-7052
Lee H Harrison, MD Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
yuneevfb@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8887
M. Ilyas Kamboh, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Professor , Epidemiology
xnzobu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8511
Lawrence A Kingsley, DrPH Professor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
Professor, Epidemiology
xvatfyrl@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0514
Faina Linkov, PhD Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
yvaxsl@znvy.zntrr.rqh 967-460-6326
Rolf Loeber Professor, Epidemiology
eybr@cvgg.rqh 967-838-0544
Nina Markovic Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
avanz@cvgg.rqh 967-193-3992
Oscar Marroquin Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
bfz8@cvgg.rqh 967-319-6981
Gary M Marsh, PhD, FACE Professor, Biostatistics
Director and Founder, Center for Occupational Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Biostatistics
tznefu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-6749
Kathleen M McTigue Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
xzz89@cvgg.rqh 967-147-7495
Suresh Mulukutla Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
fez67@cvgg.rqh 967-192-7566
Kenneth Perkins Professor, Epidemiology
xcrexvaf@cvgg.rqh 967-791-0840
Gale Richardson, PhD Associate Professor, Epidemiology
tne@cvgg.rqh 967-136-8937
James Roberts Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Epidemiology
weboregf@zjev.zntrr.rqh 967-196-6972
Robert Schoen Professor, Epidemiology
efpubra@cvgg.rqh 967-193-4370
Richard Schulz, PhD Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences
fpuhym@cvgg.rqh 967-179-7866
Susan Sereika Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Biostatistics
ffrervxn@cvgg.rqh 967-179-5244
Rebecca C Thurston, PhD Professor, Psychiatry
Director, Women's Biobehavioral Health Laboratory
guhefgbaep@hczp.rqh 967-193-4532
Elizabeth Venditti Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
rzi7@cvgg.rqh 967-192-0755
Robert Weyant Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Professor, Chair, Associate Dean for Dental Public Health and Community Outreach
ewj6@cvgg.rqh 967-193-8507
Ada O Youk, PhD Associate Professor, Biostatistics
Director, MS/MPH Program, Biostatistics
nlbhx@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0906
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