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The Department of Biostatistics is pleased to celebrate two recent books in our department

Faculty member Dr. Jong Jeong has published a book titled Statistical Inference on Residual Life, published by Springer-Verlag. Residual life is an alternative summary measure of time-to-event data, or survival data. The mean residual life has been used for many years under the name of life expectancy, so it is a natural concept for summarizing survival or reliability data. It is also more interpretable than the popular hazard function, especially for communications between patients and physicians regarding the efficacy of a new drug in the medical field. This book reviews existing statistical methods to infer the residual life distribution. The review and comparison includes existing inference methods for mean and median, or quantile, residual life analysis through medical data examples. The concept of the residual life is also extended to competing risks analysis.


This book is the second recent book published in the department. In 2011, faculty member Dr. Stewart Anderson published Biostatistics: A Computing Approach
, published by Chapman and Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series. The emergence of high-speed computing has facilitated the development of many exciting statistical and mathematical methods in the last 25 years, broadening the landscape of available tools in statistical investigations of complex data. This book focuses on visualization and computational approaches associated with both modern and classical techniques. Furthermore, it promotes computing as a tool for performing both analyses and simulations that can facilitate such understanding.



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