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First Malaysian to be granted prestigious fellowship!

Dr. Howie (Sin How) Lim, (PhD in epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh), has become the first Malaysian to be granted the prestigious IAS-NIDA fellowship for his research on linking substance abuse and sexual risk-taking in MSM via innovative technologies. Dr. Lim, now of the University Malaysia's Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS, completed his post-doctoral work at BCHS in HIV research with Dr. Jessica Burke and Dr. Ron Stall. Dr. Lim said he plans to use the $75,000 award to explore “factors contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS infection among men, who are at higher risk of being carriers of the virus.” His winning project, entitled "Concurrency of substance use and sexual risk behaviour among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Malaysia," has provided Dr. Lim the opportunity for collaboration with Yale University in a six-month mentorship program. His prior research was recently published in the British Medical Journal.

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